Affiliate Opportunities with Lynna Sutherland Media

We would love your help promoting Lynna Sutherland Media and our three websites and we'd like to thank you for your support with the opportunity to earn affiliate commissions! This page will give you an overview of the affiliate opportunities and features of our affiliate programs.

Your Large Family Homeschool (YLFH)

Website: Your Large Family Homeschool

Site Description: Homeschool ideas and support for everyone, but especially large families or families with a wide range of ages. Some religious (Christian) content.

Most Popular Freebie/Opt-in: Seasonal Printables Library

Flagship Product: Homeschool Family Math

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Sibling Relationship Lab (SRL)

Website: Sibling Relationship Lab

Site Description: Gentle, gospel-centered parenting encouragement and support with a focus on relationship skills and conflict resolution. Primarily religious (Christian) content.

Most Popular Freebies/Opt-ins: S.W.I.M. Guide, T.H.I.N.K Mini-Devotional

Flagship Products: Sibling Opposition Solution (S.O.S.) Course, Sibling Investigations Devotionals

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Homeschool Latin Help (HLH)

Website: Homeschool Latin Help

Site Description: Support for parents who want to teach Latin in their homeschool to students of any age (preschool through high school). Not a religious site. Some Latin resources are translations of prayers or the Vulgate in Latin.

Most Popular Freebies/Opt-ins: none yet

Flagship Products: Latin Practice Resource Library

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Affiliate Program Features

We're excited about the features we've added to make our Affiliate Programs easy to use and as beneficial as possible to you, our valued affiliates! Here are some highlights you'll want to know.

Affiliate URL

The main page of your affiliate dashboard will show you your basic Affiliate URL plus it includes a field for generating a custom URL for any page on the site. The last part of your Affiliate URL is your Affiliate Referral ID (ex: /ref/14/)

Note: You don't actually have to use this form to generate a custom URL. Just append your referral ID (i.e. "/ref/14/") to any URL on the site to get referral cookies for link clicks.

Notification Settings

Check or uncheck the box that says "Enable New Referral Notifications" to control whether or not you get an email each time you get a new referral.

Custom Affiliate Slug

Instead of the default Affiliate ID assigned to you when you joined the program, you can design a custom affiliate slug that matches your brand or site. Create the same custom slug for all of our affiliate programs so you don't have to remember a different referral ID for each one!

If you create a custom slug, you can use this instead of your Affiliate ID in your referral links: instead of

Direct Links

The easiest way to earn affiliate credit is by registering your site for direct link support. Once your domain is approved, you will automatically get affiliate cookies for any traffic coming from that domain, even without using your affiliate referral code! (Limit of three approved domains per affiliate. Applies only to your own website(s), not social media or email.)

Have any questions? Email lynnasutherland (dot) media (at) gmail (dot) com and ask!